Monday, December 29, 2014

This is how you relax...

In a poll I once had on this blog I asked you about the way you like relaxing yourself :) Here are the results...

It seems that the most relaxing way is listening to music. The second most often chosen answer was going for a walk and the third taking a bike ride.

Now, when I look back at the results I think, my relaxing habits are just like yours. I mean, I do relax listening to music, but I need to select the music I want to listen to carefully, as otherwise, I may just feel more tired than before :) I love going for walks but more often I just jump on my bike and ride for at least half an hour. This is by all means the best way of relaxing for me. I also believe I wouldn't mind sitting in nature for some time. The problem with this, though, is that I can hardly find some nice spot around. I'm afraid, I'd have to drive somewhere to a rented log hut to really find relaxation there.

When it comes to music again, I've recently read somewhere that the song called Weightless is the most relaxing piece of music ever. I think we need to check it ourselves! Here's the video:

What do you think of it?

Did it really relax you? Describe your feelings!


  1. This really is a relaxing piece of music!

    1. Oh, is it? How did you find out? Any sensations? I guess this is much more relaxing for me: 국악 명상음악 모음선(Korean Traditional Meditation Music Collection) What do you think Ania? Lovely for New Year's Eve, isn't it? :)

    2. Here's the link:


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