Tuesday, December 23, 2014

How agile are your fingers and mind?

I know many people... but very few who would be able to devote their time to working with paper, glue, scissors and whatnot to make decorations, e.g. for Christmas...

I have the pleasure of working with a woman who is really creative and does have agile mind and fingers...

Here's what she can make out of merely nothing... Since it's Christmas time, she came up with X-mas trees which you can now take a look at here...

Isn't this craft amazing? When I saw these for the first time I asked myself where she'd bought such things?!

Do you know anybody who would make such wonderful ornaments? Or perhaps you can make such things... Do you know any nice links where we could learn to make some simple stuff like this?

Oh... I'd forget :)


means - "zręczny, zwinny"

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