Thursday, November 27, 2014

Should funeral wreaths be made of real or artificial flowers?

Opinions vary... Some people say that leaving artificial wreaths are better because they last longer and are as beautiful as natural ones. Besides you are eco-friendly as no real flowers are destroyed.

On the other hand, artificial wreaths don't smell, they are a failure because flowers, wreaths - by definition - should be natural; otherwise, it's some total misunderstanding. Besides, they are not so environmentally friendly for they are made of synthetic substance, production of which is not that greet.

Anyway, the compound for today is...


... which is 'wieniec pogrzebowy'. Fajne słówko... i wcale nie musi być używane w tak smutnych kontekstach... Samo słowo 'wreath' to 'wianek', 'wieniec', 'korona' lub 'kółko' :)

Ale wracając do mojego rozważania...

Where do you stand on this issue?

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