Friday, November 21, 2014

Do you like water? Swimming? Water-skiing?

Hello! Most people love water, water sports, etc. Do you? I myself love swimming, but only in the Adriatic Sea... Last year was just amazing in this respect. I spent a lot of time swimming and exploring my little gulf on a pedalo :)

But there are people who do not particularly like water to say the least! These people suffer from what is known as...


This word refers to a fear of water; in Polish we have almost the same word and it is hydrofobia. And this is how you pronounce the word hydrophobia.

A few examples from the Internet:
  • I am of opinion that Nee's death was due to hydrophobia...
  • ...the third in succession in which no death from hydrophobia was registered in theUnited Kingdom.     
  • A New Yorker dies from hydrophobia after skinning an infected cow.
  • ...that his disorder was hydrophobia.
  • The disease of hydrophobia has been known from early times...
My questions to you:
Do you know anybody who suffers from hydrophobia? What do they behave like? Why do you think people suffer from hydrophobia?


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    1. Caro amigo, obrigado pelo seu comentário. Meu português não existe de fato, mas estou feliz que eu era capaz de entender a sua mensagem :) Por favor, venha o mais rápido possível e deixar seus comentários em Inglês! Tenha um ótimo dia!


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