Tuesday, September 9, 2014

It's a Teddy Bear Day!

I have found out it's a Teddy Bear Day today... Now... think of your childhood... Do you remember having a plush toy you slept with, held serious conversations with, played other toys with, etc.? Well, I do. Unfortunately it was not a teddy bear... Strange as it may sound, it was a doll... Yes! I - being a man now - had a 30 cm tall blonde rubber doll as my life companion... Can you believe it? I even remember a picture of myself holding her in my hand. What a poor creature I was... ;0

Anyhow... let's change the topic... 

Just take a look at a few CPE words for today:

  1. drudgery - harówa
  2. untold - niewysłowione
  3. subsequently - następnie
  4. accredited - uznany za
  5. to put it charitably - delikatnie mówiąc
Now... can you build your very short story with these words? 

The topic is: "My work..." :)

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