Friday, September 26, 2014

It's a Native American Day today... in the USA :)

I wish our Polish history could have some Native American touch :) Anyhow, this is the day that is celebrated in the USA to remember about the first inhabitants of America. 

When I was a teenager I used to read stories about Native Americans, such as "Czerwonoskóry generał", "Winnetou" or "Biały mustang". These books were always very gripping and I read them from cover to cover.

I've also always liked Native American music. One of my all time favorite tracks is 'Promentory' from "The Last of the Mohicans"; just listen...

Now, take a look at a few CPE words which I'd prepared for you: 
  1. commonplace - pospolity
  2. extortionate - wymuszony, wygórowany, zawyżony
  3. ploys - sztuczki, chwyty, fortele
  4. bulk - masowy
  5. to despise - gardzić 
Now... can you build your very short story with these words? 
The topic is: "My experience of Americas..." :)

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