Thursday, September 11, 2014

It's a Make Your Bed Day... Did you make your bed in the morning?

I have found out it's a Make Your Bed Day today... 

Ooops... I guess I forgot to make mine... Ouch! 

Later, my parents also had an electric sewing machine and I touched it a few times too. Anyway, it's not the best equipment I have ever used... Do you have any experience with sewing machines? Or perhaps you still have and use one?

It would be cool to hear from such people!

Anyway, these are my few CPE words that I have prepared for you today:
  1. unflawed - bez skazy
  2. to connive - knuć
  3. a breaking point - granica wytrzymałości
  4. a squad - oddział
  5. to resort to - uciec się do
Now... can you build your very short story with these words? 

The topic is: "My bed..." :)

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