Friday, September 19, 2014

It's an International Talk Like a Pirate Day Today! Did you know it?

I didn't...
I have found out it's an International Talk Like a Pirate Day today... 

I guess most of us have watched the Pirates of The Caribbean... We could hear some pirate talking there...

Well... what to say more? I don't know... Asking you whether or not you like pirates is not a very challenging question, is it? So let me just remain silent...

Instead, I suggest you just look at my CPE words for you today:
  1. to liaise - łączyć się, współpracować
  2. it all adds up - wszystko trzyma się 'kupy'
  3. maltreatment - maltretowanie
  4. vulnerability - podatność
  5. pertinent - trafny, celny 
Now... can you build your very short story with these words? 

The topic is: "What I watch..." :)

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