Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's a Hug Day today! Don't miss it!

23 września – dzień przytulania chłopaków ;)
Source: http://demotywatory.pl/3461013/23-wrzesnia

I've found out it's a Hug Day today! I've also read some more specific information that it's a day for hugging boys! 

Well... what else should be said here? The only thing that comes to my mind is that - if you're a girl/woman - you should not miss such an opportunity to give as many boys as you can a hug... or many hugs... 

So, don't waste your time, look around and run now to the first boy/man you see to give him a bug hug! :)

I think, I will leave my office door open today in hope to get a hug too :)

Now, I'd like to give you a few CPE words which I would like you to "hug" too :)
  1. to forge - kuć, wykuwać
  2. a gold rush - gorączka złota
  3. to make a killing - łątwo i szybko zarobić duże pieniądze
  4. settled down - ustabilizowany
  5. somewhat - nieco 
Now... can you build your very short story with these words? 
The topic is: "The boys I've hugged..." :)

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