Sunday, July 6, 2014

Is there anything around you that you don't like?

I guess there are many such things and situations... We often tend to think why we have to do something this way or why we have to cope with this or that problem. Well, this is our world in which we have to live... Luckily, our brains were made in such a way that we love solving problems and finding solutions to them. 

If you're 'normal', you'll obviously will make a list of problematic issues still waiting for solutions... Now... if you're also creative, you'll come up with some more or less crazy solutions :)

What are the things you'd like to change because you find them irritating? Think about schools, learning and teaching... What are the things that make you don't want to go to school? What are the things at schools that make you feel stressed, frustrated and discouraged?

Let's discuss these issues! :)

What are the things that you would like to change around you? 
What are your solutions?

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