Saturday, July 26, 2014

Do you know this word?

The answer from yesterday:

STRIDE = iść zamaszystym krokiem

And today, let's take a look at the word...


Do you know it? What does it mean? 

Does it mean:

  1. linia horyzontu
  2. niebotyczny
  3. baranki na niebie
  4. rozległa przestrzeń

What do you think? Check the answer in my post tomorrow :)
Can you make your own sentence with this word? How can we remember this word? Any advice?


  1. This word makes me think about New York and skyscrapers ;) I think it's a pretty good association to memorise it :)

    1. Thanks karola :) I've just thought to myself how to actually see a city's skyline... I guess we'd have to be in a very good place to take any pleasure from enjoying a skyline... I am wondering where I'd have to go to see the skyline of my town... The point I am trying to make here is that only some cities' skylines are popular on the Internet for they are usually grand and spectacular. When I was trying to browse for my towns skyline I had problems finding some good pictures. What about your city skyline? Does it look great? Is it popular? Is there any nice nook from which you could admire your city?


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