Friday, June 6, 2014

What does the future hold for our posterity?

Today I'd like to share a few proficiency level words with you...

Do you know any of these words? 
Let's take a look at them.

POSTERITY are the people who will live in the future; they are our off-spring, our descendants... future generations. In Polish: potomność, przyszłe pokolenia.

REVERE - this is a verb which means to really respect and admire someone or something; to honor someone or something greatly; to respect someone or something deeply. In Polish: czcić.

VIRTUOSI are the people who really skilled at something, especially at playng instruments; they have great talent and gracefulness; they are geniuses. In Polish: wirtuozi.

SUREFIRE is an adjective which describes someone or something that is very likely to succeed. In Polish: pewny, niezawodny.

My own examples:
  • To be honest, I am worried about our posterity. The world is going in a dead end direction and I am afraid the future doesn't look very bright.
  • I do revere people who live righteously.
  • It's amazing how many virtuosi there are these days. Their skills are just stunning. 
  • Which political party is a surfire one to win in the coming elections?
Can you make your own sentence about yourself with any of these words?


  1. ok, Rafał, is it possible to use the plural "virtuosos"? I think I saw such a form some time ago... And of course, to be exact, it is worth mentioning that the singular form is "virtuoso", right? :)

    1. hello friend :) long time no see :) yeah... i guess u know the answer, don't u? :) the singular is virtuoso and the plural may have two forms either virtuosi or virtuosos... i believe u r a virtuoso in teaching; am i right?

    2. I do not know. I'm experiencing a bit difficult time in my professional life nowadays. However, on Saturday I was on a training course and I'm a bit encouraged... But still, I can't wait to start holidays.


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