Thursday, June 12, 2014

Phobias & manias: monophobia

What do you think of this world? Isn't it crazy in the worst sense of the word? I mean... there are so many people on this planet, the Earth has shrunk in many ways... we're living in a global village. Each person is virtually able to get connected to any other nook on this world. Lots of people go online to build networks of friends and once they have as many as possible they stay in touch on FB or elsewhere... I am wondering whether this really makes people happy and socially fulfilled? My impression is that there are so many people who suffer from...


that is the fear of being alone... Aren't people today afraid of being alone... with their own thoughts, with their own lives? Just to spend time offline and on their own to think things over, to allow themselves to investigate their souls... 

A few examples from the Internet:
  • So, his wife is suffering from monophobia (the fear of being alone) and he wants to help her overcome this irrational and debilitating fear.
  • Like most phobias the causes of monophobia usually start in childhood. 
  • A person suffering from monophobia might believe that he or she will die or collapse or do something terrible when...
  • My monophobia makes me nervous when I'm alone.
  • As a result, an agoraphobic stays at home; a claustrophobic avoids all lifts, a sufferer from monophobia is afraid of being alone...
My question to you:
Do you think you might be suffering from monophobia?

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