Friday, May 23, 2014

words that begin with in-: infuriate

Hello! A quick question for a start...

Are there many things you experience each day that make you feel extremely angry? 
I hope not... Being chronically angry is detrimental to your health and - more importantly - to others for I am sure one can't find it pleasant to spend time with a person who is always very annoyed! Anyhow, the verb which you can use to mean "doprowadzić do szału, rozzłościć" is...


A few examples from the Internet:
  • Apple iPhone and iPad users infuriated by mystery William Hill App Store...
  • Edinburgh's Stephen Simmons infuriated by Wadi Camacho. 
  • I was infuriated by your article.
  • Tori Spelling was infuriated by the latest episode of Kardashian family reality show Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, as she was sent over the edge by Scott...
  • Henry was infuriated by his daughter's defiance and threatened to...
This is how the noun derived from 'infuriate' is spelled and pronounced. And this is what an infuriated man looks like.

My question to you:
What are the things that infuriate you? Can you control your infuriation? How?

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