Wednesday, May 21, 2014

similes: Do you have good friends?

Good friends are a highly demanded commodity. And of course I am not thinking here of those 'friends' who are there with you when you all are having fun... drinking, partying and the like... I am thinking of those friends who are there with you when you are in trouble.

To see whether your friend is a true friend, take a look at this test here :)

Anyhow, if the above recommended test proved your friend to be a true one... perhaps you can also say you are both...


This is a simile which means "znać się jak łyse konie" in Polish.

A few examples from the Internet:
  • Kate and her brother-in-law are as thick as thieves as they make merry ...
  • We are as thick as thieves when we were all together laughing and...
  • Kate Middleton and Prince Harry are as thick as thieves during Queen's...
  • Scooby was filmed snuggling up close to his owners' baby, Cade, and it seems the pair are as thick as thieves.
  • Tom, and Sally are as thick as thieves They go everywhere together.
My questions to you:

  • What do friends mean to you? 
  • Are you a good friend? 
  • What makes a good friend? 
  • Are your friends more important than your family?

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