Wednesday, May 28, 2014

If you could choose your perfect career... what would it be? Why?

Hi! This is my question for you today:

If you could choose your perfect career, what would you choose? Why?

It's not an easy question these days. Many people want to frantically become doctors or lawyers since these jobs offer some good prospects for future. However, what is quite sad for myself, is the fact that many young people decide to choose their careers just because they feel pressure from their parents, friends or the society. The other reason being the fact that youngsters often choose their careers from the perspective of how quickly and how much they can potentially earn in the future totally neglecting their own interests or desires even though, more often than not, they simply don't demonstrate the qualities or skills that they need to this job or another.

Would you agree with my point of view?

Which of the following jobs would you like to do now? Why?

  • pilot
  • police officer
  • hairdresser
  • optician
  • plumber
  • surgeon
  • engineer
  • business executive
  • social worker
  • personal assistant
  • mechanic
  • priest
  • journalist
  • nurse
  • dentist
  • librarian
  • civil servant
  • chef
  • white-collar worker
  • blue-collar worker
  • teacher
  • politician
  • doctor
  • lawyer
  • economist
  • actor
  • painter
  • builder
  • electrician
  • biologist
  • scientist
Or perhaps any other job? Why?


  1. Unfortunately, my profession does not give me satisfaction because it is boring and when I think that by next year I have to do the same thing it makes me sick. The worst thing is that it's a good job, good income, etc, etc. A lot of people say-keep an eye out and I unfortunately, I get tired of ...
    I am sorry that so late, I started to learn English...Because now I know that if I had started my career it would be associated with the English language. I would like to be a translator. It's often said that it's never too late to change, so you may still have everything in front of me :)
    I'm learning English by itself, because I believe that the school is a waste of time for me.
    I see that I can learn a lot and the biggest prize are the effects of what I see:)

    I wonder how many people are not satisfied with their careers?

    Because the English I teach briefly, I do not know whether I'm doing a lot of mistakes. If they are, then let me know Rafał.

    And If you could choose your perfect career, what would you choose Rafał?:)))))

    Ps: I once replied to a post.How do I check that?

    1. Hi kadetos! Thank you so much for your post here. It's so nice to hear from new people!

      So you're saying your profession does not satisfy you... Somebody said that if you love what you do, then you don't really work... you just get money for doing your hobby... Now think what a wonderful life it would be if all people had their dream jobs :)

      I wish I could know what job you have in fact... You're saying it's well paid... sounds like it's a job you should like :) What do you do? Do you think you'll never like what you do? Have you tried? Is it the job itself that irritates you or is it the environment in which you have to do the job? Tell me more about it, please.

      You're also saying that you should have learnt English so now you'd be a translator... Well... is being a translator that exciting? I am not so sure... I have been translating texts since 1997 and I can tell you it's not the best job you can dream of... I could give you quite a few aspects of how nasty it can be but I don't think it's a good place for this. Besides... your English is impressive! It's even more impressive because you've learnt it all by yourself! Amazing! In fact I was learning English on my own too. At school I was just exploiting my teachers to help me understand this or that or check the exercises I was doing independently of what others were learning at the time. Thus I do agree with you that to learn a language you need motivation, zeal and character... not necessarily school! Congratulations again then!

      So coming back to your profession... Have you ever thought of combining what you do with English? Is there such an option?

      You're also wondering how many people are not satisfied with their careers... I am afraid that unfortunately many... Not only is it hard to get any job these days but it's also hard to get what you would love to do... It seems that the best idea would be to set up your own business and just do what you love... If you have some ideas, please share with me - I am ready to consider co-operation :)

      Now... speaking of mistakes... Well, first of all everybody MAKES them (not DOES them). I believe it's very good for our own mistakes pave the way of our own development!

      And my perfect career... Yes... I love English... I love teaching English to motivated people... I am discovering the beauty of teaching and learning English anew after 17 years of having been a teacher of English! I know that I would love to teach especially upper-secondary school students and adults but only those who are not forced to learn this beautiful language, but to those who feel a strong desire to do so. Hence I'd love to teach and work with people. I also love sharing knowledge and experience of English and other education related areas with other teachers... I would love to teach teachers, to change teachers, to inspire them... It would be great if I could also travel while teaching and decide about what I do in my ideal job! It sounds like I need my own company (which I paradoxically have) and work as an independent English and other subjects teacher... The problem is that my professional career is a funny mutation of all these things and as a result I feel dissatisfied... Perhaps you could help me a bit how to increase the level of my professional satisfaction?

      PS: "I once replied to a post. How do I check that?" I guess you just have to revisit the place where you left your post to read my or someone's response to what you write. BTW at the top of this blog, in the left hand side column you can subscribe to either posts or comments to be updated on what's going on on this blog. In addition, at the end of each post you write there's a box you can tick "Notify me". :)

      Hope to hear from you VERY regularly kadetos!

  2. Did not expect such a comprehensive response.
    As for the job-it is often the case that a good salary is not everything and so it is for me.When I am not learning anything new, it's probably time for a change. Some people work for the money, others want to work for your pleasure-and I belong to the latter group.
    I don't want to write what I do, because my friends know my nickname, and it would be wrong if someone read that I wanted to change and I do not like my work;) for example boss;)
    So, I thought I used to combine work with English-it is an option but I need to know English at a high level, I have some sort of certificate, which confirmed it-yet very, very long way in front of me.
    I'm glad to read that my English is impressive, but still impressive enough.
    Although the English I learned over the years and I believe that in a year or two is going to be very, very well. Well I can go to learn, because I spend every spare moment to learn. Each week I learn 40-45 hours-so many hours in school, it would have been but for the semester. In the amount of time spent on learning is successful.

    As for a job-you've mentioned, it's best to have your own business-I am not exactly I think.
    In this day and age it's hard to start your business and keep it. In addition to this bureaucracy in Poland does not help people who have their own business. In my opinion, the best way is to find someone,who with our skills will want to pay big money:) Someone pays me and I don't get tired of the bureaucracy and the business stairs.

    Now a lot of people knows English well. But contrary to appearances, people who know English fluently is not much-and looking at your experience as the Anglicist-you're someone who knows English fluent and here you have to look for motivation in your place.
    You have a blog-this is also a good way to get your own business path, only the blog must have very high popularity. Ever wondered what to do to get as many people?
    On your blog, there are many interesting, different topics but in my opinion a bit too little advice for those who are learning. From my experience I know that at first I was looking for tips on how to start to learn? How to stay motivated? What grammar to start? Many people first is looking for advice, and then looking for interesting topics to read and discuss. What I mean is that the general themes interspersed with advice how to learn, could get more people to your blog.The more people,the more perks:) There are people who live from blog-maybe this is the way for you? What do you think about it? so spin blog?
    And maybe some translation agency? :)...

    What it looking for my posts ... I found some, I was writing in Polish language yet.

    What to visit the blog-I've noticed that many of the topics that I need to read, I'll try to take a vote also:)

    1. Wow! Now I am stunned to have received such a long reply :) Thanks for your comments, ideas and suggestions... especially concerning your expectations for this blog's content. It has been my goal for some time now to prepare short presentations on individual aspects of English grammar. We'll see what will come out of it all... :) Anyhow, I hope you will keep writing your comments to my posts - I believe this is one of the best ways to learn English through practical use of new words, phrases, structures etc. What motivates you to learn English? How do you learn English? Do you have your favorite methods, techniques that really work for you? Do you have contact with the language every day? At work/at home? What do you do to remember words? How do you learn new words? Which aspects of the language are the most difficult for you?

  3. Once, when I could not respond nothing of English I was at the film festival, which ran Monica Richardson. At some point she began to speak English with guests on the stage,because as stated that the audience will surely all will understand.I sat there for an hour and then I had no clue about what she says-I've been thinking,as in these times I do not know English? It was a shame for me and it was a crucial moment,when I decided that I will teach English very well.
    To learn English,I walked a few times but I started from the grammar, difficult issues and it was a mistake.I signed up twice to the language school, and it was another mistake.At the school for a few months I was learning the same things-it was a waste of time and money.It was hard to find a way for independent learning.Then I started to look for advice on the Internet-so I found,inter alia,on your blog, the internet was and is my way of learning. At the beginning it was hard with regularity.
    At the beginning of learning to read a statement, that if we do something,whatever you do every day for 40 days,after that time, it becomes a habit for us.Do not believe in it very much,but I have tried.Sometimes when I did not want to learn,I had to get to this one.
    After this time I noticed that it is true.Even when I was tired,I have studied though few moments.
    When I tell people how much I learn,it does not want to believe it, because they're asking where you got the time?You can learn by doing other daily activities.Cooking, tidying the House, etc, etc. Time is everywhere,just need to know how to use it in the right order.
    For me the best method of learning English,is quite a switch to English.I have all browsers set to English,listening to English radio, reading English websites,and I'm looking for any time on English. I'm learning English even on the way to work-it is now one o'clock. Always explain to myself that if I have to sit and do nothing, you'd better learn English.
    A lot of people who are learning to make the mistake,because he quickly discouraged when you don't see results, then it's easy to quit teaching.
    Unfortunately, I do not have contact with the English at work, but it's not a problem for me.
    My learning on a daily basis is as follows:
    1) repeat words and sentences rather
    2) I listen to podcasts-a very cool thing. Listening each day, it is very important for me.When I listen to, picks up the words to learn.
    3) I read different things in English
    4) I read simplified books in English.Simplified so that when a difficult text does not discourage you. I read a few pages a day.

    As for the methods on the word-learning sentences is time consuming but it gives more results, because we learn new words and grammatical correctness.

    For me, and I think that for many people the problem is talking.
    When I write, I have time to think about, check the word, speaking in no time, you'll need to respond right away.

    I think that the next step will be to find people who speak good English and speaking, even with:) errors

    Again I wrote a long post, but thanks to the time spent on learning rather than on gear:)

    1. Hi! So it was this nice feeling of being ashamed that made you start learning English! Well... a very good reason I must say :) I am wondering what other are the other things that make people want to start learning languages these days... You're absolutely right to say that recognizing your own way of learning a language is very difficult, but I'd say it's essential. You have to know what works for you best and what does not. I totally agree that being extremely systematic is of great importance. There is a great book I have recently read, i.e. NEURODYDAKTYKA by Żylińska. In the book I learnt about lots of practical things on how our brains learn. One of the things I know now is that we need to be systematic, we need to spend time working regularly to revise and repeating the things we want to remember. I remember that when I was learning I had to experiment with my own ways of learning... I used post-it notes to produce hundreds of 'flash cards' and I stuck them everywhere in the house just to look at these words and phrases as frequently as possible to remember them all... I was recording myself on a tape! :) I talked to myself... and did lots of other crazy things just to see which of those would work be the most effective for my own learning. I guess you're on the right path! You say you have switched all menus on your devices to English... Yes! It's a great idea.. I do the same. The thing is that whatever makes you stay in touch with English longer a day, it is recommended! I also agree with you that mistakes can be discouraging for many... but what is important here is to be aware of how valuable mistakes are! There are evident symptoms of learning! It's just necessary to be aware of your mistakes not to make the fossilized and to make sure you don't repeat them next time. Here is when a good teacher would be helpful... Finally, speaking is a huge barrier to overcome for many. I have met meany people whose grammar was just perfect... but they were so blocked and afraid of speaking that they always preferred to remain silent as long as someone didn't turn directly to them to say something. I guess it's a great idea you have mentioned about finding yourself a person with whom you could speak English. It's not that difficult... there are so many websites where you can find people willing to practice with you in return for some Polish... Anyway, thanks for you post again! Keep writing! :)


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