Monday, May 26, 2014

Do you know how to use a dipstick?

This is a post for all those who drive cars or are interested in cars :) Today I want to talk about the objects shown in the picture.

Do you know what they are? This is the answer:


If you drive a car or are interested in cars, you should know this word! :) It's a long stick used for measuring the oil in your car's engine. When you don't measure the level of oil in your car, you're likely to have your engine seized up. This word means prętowy wskaźnik poziomu oleju.

Here's a nice clip on how to read a dipstick:

Did you know?
A dipstick also refers to a person who is stupid and annoying (idiota, przygłup). But this word is rather offensive.       

My question to you:
How often do you read your own dipstick? Do you do it on your own or does someone usually help you?

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