Monday, April 28, 2014

Can you name five most popular tourist attractions in London?

London is an unquestionably great city. And Samuel Johnson was absolutely right to have said

"When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life."

I have been to the capital of the UK several times on business or as a tourist, and each time I was there I was rediscovering this pearl over and over again.
Here, I'd like to give you my list of the most popular places that I would recommend seeing when you're in London:

  1. BA London Eye
  2. HMS Belfast
  3. Buckingham Palace
  4. Cabinet War Rooms
  5. Hampton Court Palace
  6. Kensington Palace
  7. Kew Gardens
  8. London Aquarium
  9. London Dungeon
  10. London's Transport Museum
  11. London Zoo
  12. Madame Tussaud's 
  13. Queen's Gallery
  14. Royal Academy of Arts
  15. St Paul's Cathedral
  16. Shakespeare's Globe
  17. Tower Bridge Exhibition
  18. Tower of London
  19. Westminster Abbey
  20. Windsor Castle
  21. Ripley's Believe It or Not!
  22. The City of London
  23. The Thames
  24. Royal Museums Greenwich
  25. British Museum 
  26. Tate Modern
  27. National Gallery
  28. Natural History Museum
  29. Victoria and Albert Museum
  30. Science Museum
  31. Royal Mews
  32. Trafalgar Square
  33. Dr Johnson's House
  34. Sherlock Holmes Museum
  35. The Houses of Parliament
  36. Sir Christopher Wren's Monument
  37. St James Park
  38. Hyde Park
  39. Regent's Park
  40. Piccadilly Circus
  41. West End
  42. Chinatown
  43. Royal Opera House
  44. Oxford Street
  45. Covent Garden
  46. Harrods

You can read more about London's attractions here :) or here :)
These are just my spontaneous suggestions. London has a lot more to offer! My questions to you:

  1. If you have been to London, what other places would you add to this list? What is your favorite attraction? Why? What would you still like to see or visit again?
  2. If you have never been to London, would you like to go there? Why? What would you like to see there?
Looking forward to your answers!


  1. What about Camden Town? I've been to London twice and I think this place is really worth seeing, especially for people interested in alternative culture (due to many multicoloured lanes, concert places, tattoo and body piercing salons, small food markets and shops with weird items associated with this kind of culture). It made a big impression on me, because I have never seen such a magical place with fabulous atmosphere before. That's why I think it's my favourite place in London. Of course I would like to visit again some points on London's map like Buckingham Palace or Soho, but not the London Eye (it's just boring to look at the same view for almost one hour in closed capsule).

    1. Hi colorful lace... Thanks for your post. You're right indeed! Camden Town is a must on a visitor-to-London's list :) It's very different compared to other parts of the capital. All its eateries, restaurants, cafes, bars, clothes & garment stores, funky shoes and tattoo artists, plus lots of souvenir and music make the place a very unique one. :) I guess there are still quite a few places that I didn't put on my list... I'm looking forward to your suggestions! :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Hmm I don't know... maybe The Westfield? :D It's the biggest shopping centre in London, if I remember well. I have no better idea :(

  3. Did you spend a lot of time in London? How many of the things did you see from the list above? Would u like to visit London again?

  4. I spent there one month in all (one week for the first time and three weeks for the second time) and saw there many things from the list like the London Eye, Tower Bridge, Big Ben with the Houses of Parliament, The Thames, The National Gallery. I visited The City of London, Science Museum, Trafalgar Square and Nelson's Column, Piccadilly Circus, West End, Chinatown, Oxford Street and Harrods. I also walked near London Dungeon, Kew Gardens, Westminister Abbey, St Paul's Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, but didn't go inside. There are more museums and places I saw, it's even possible that they are on this list, but I'm not sure of the names. I'd really like to visit London again, it's a magic place for me and I was so sad everytime I had to go back..

  5. Impressive! Don't you feel a desire to see other places too? London is undoubtedly a great city but it has changed over the last couple of years. To my mind it was a greater city at the beginning of the 90s... Anyhow, is there anywhere else in the UK you'd like to see?

    1. Of course I would like to see other places from the list too. I hope I will be in London in the future more than once and then I will be visiting the other attractions. I was also in Cambridge and Windsor, but I know there are more interesting cities in the UK.. personally, I have always wanted to visit some places from Harry Potter's films (Oxford, Alnwick Castle etc.)

    2. Harry Potter... interesting... What were you doing in London? Were you doing a language course there or were you just sightseeing or working? In what circumstances would you like to find yourself back in London? As a worker, as a visitor, as a business traveler?

    3. I was visiting my godfather and his family, so it was just relax and sightseeing, but my visit there was like a language course too. There were some situations when I had to cope with the foreign language without help from anyone. It was a little stressful, especially when I had some problem with understanding the british accent and when it was necessary to answer possibly fast. Anyway, it makes me more confident. I would emigrate to London and work there if I had my studies done, but I have given up, so probably I will return there as a visitor.

    4. I see... Well, being a visitor is perfect, isn't it? If you have family there, it's even cooler :) I am now dreaming of going to Scotland... but we'll see :)

  6. Of course it is :) I can't wait to visit the UK again :) My feeling while I'm there are just indescribable. The one fault is that it could be dangerous in London at night.

    1. Yep, it might be dangerous. It depends on where you're staying as well. That's what I meant, among other things, when I said London used to be a better place. Anyhow, despite the fact I have visited London quite a few times now, I never experienced any incidents or accidents there... and I've always been a great fan of the Tube :)

  7. The Tube! :) After my first visit in London I rememberd only these words "Please mind the gap between the train and the platform!"
    I wish you couldn't experience any incidents there, my aunt was a witness of mugging with knife on a bus driver in the Western London.

    1. Well... things happen... perhaps I was just protected :) or didn't use the U at night... :) However, I don't think London is more dangerous than, say, Warsaw... I guess Helsinki, which I visited in April, is the safest :)

  8. It didn't happen at night :( but this is the bad point about the big cities..


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