Thursday, March 13, 2014

What to eat to be as fit as a fiddle? Any advice?

Let's try: 
  1. to cut a long story short
  2. to be like a bear with a sore head
  3. to be as fit as a fiddle
  4. it's a piece of cake
  5. out of the blue
Do you know any of these? If yes, great! If not, take a look at their meanings below:
  1. mówiąc krótko
  2. być złym jak osa
  3. być zdrowym jak ryba
  4. to dziecinnie proste
  5. znienacka; jak grom z jasnego nieba
And now a few examples:
  1. To cut a long story short, just learn English! It's the best  language ever!
  2. There are days when my boss is like a bear with a sore head.
  3. To be as fit as fiddle I try to do exercise regulalry.
  4. I hope learning these idioms will be a piece of cake for you :)
  5. I don't like out of the blue questions for I need time to answer wisely.

And finally some HOMEWORK for you!
Please write here your own examples with these idioms! Let's talk!

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