Friday, March 28, 2014

What an inspiring language English is!

Hi there on Friday! Today I want to write a few words about English... Most people claim they know English better or worse, which is of course true. After all English is one of the most popular languages of the world. However, aside from quite a few varieties of English spoken in different parts of the world, we also have many specific area oriented Englishes, which makes this language even more inspirational :) Let's just have a look at a few words from the construction sector:

  • wiertnica - drilling rig
  • kafar - pile driver
  • rura okładzinowa - casing
  • przewód do betonowania - tremie
  • pale FSC - CFE piles
  • uwiert, świder - auger
  • pal ścianki szczelnej - sheet pile
  • palisady - soldier piles
  • pale wprowadzane metodą podciśnieniową - suction piles
  • wibrowane słupy/kolumny kamienne - vibrated stone columns
  • ściana szczelinowa - slurry wall
  • szyna - rail
  • szyb - shaft
  • rozpórka, zastrzał, pręt ściskowy - strut
  • system podpór - shoring
  • zagarniarka - scraper
  • strefa zaniku, martwy punkt - blind spot
  • wdarcie się wody - water inrush
  • przegubowy - articulated
  • równiarka - grader
  • wywrotka - dumper truck
  • podłużnica deskowania - waler

I had a great pleasure of introducing and using these words with a group of construction engineers who are learning English at pre-intermediate level. Coming into contact with such words as above or with any other words that are profession specific (medicine, law, physics, chemistry, etc) has at least two positive effects on you. For the first thing you realize that English really has potential and no one knows all the words from all various areas, which should make you feel humbler as regards the assessment of your own English. Secondly, coming across these words is both motivating and inspirational when it comes to becoming encouraged to learn - or at least open yourself to - so many fascinating words and expressions that are not necessarily in everyday use. Seeing, reading, hearing these words and expressions helps you look at English from another angle, which makes you understand the potential, resourcefulness and structure of this beautiful language through these words and expressions. 

Any comments? Any opinions? Please share here! I'd love to hear from you on either these words or the point of view I expressed here :)

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