Friday, March 7, 2014

matura ustna: zadanie 2-4

Matura tuż, tuż! Zapraszam na sesję powtórkową przed maturą ustną 2014 :)

Przed Tobą Zadanie 2 z matury ustnej z języka angielskiego, w którym - jak się na pewno świetnie orientujesz - trzeba opisać obrazek i odpowiedzieć na kilka pytań egzaminatora.

Opisując obrazek warto zawsze odpowiedzieć na zawsze z góry ustalony swój własny zestaw pięciu pytań:

  1. Who?
  2. Where?
  3. What?
  4. Why?
  5. When?

Pamiętaj, że każdą ze swoich krótkich odpowiedzi musisz jeszcze rozwinąć, np. dodając, doprecyzowując jakiś element lub w jakiś inny sposób 'rozciągając' swoją wypowiedź :)

Here I see a person, probably a woman judging by the way the person is dressed and the hands. Oh, in the background I see shelves with nail varnishes so I am sure it must be a woman looking for some nail varnish for herself in some shop with cosmetics. Right now, she's holding one of these little bottles in her left hand and reading the label. At the same time she is taking something out of her right pocket. Perhaps she want to compare information or maybe she is just taking her wallet to pay for this item. She is buying this varnish because she will have to participate in a wedding soon ans she needs it to match nicely with the dress she will be wearing. 

Egzaminujący: What is the person in the picture looking at?
Zdający: She's looking at a bottle of nail varnish. She is reading some information on the label stuck on the bottle to probably check the color.
Egzaminujący: What would you do if someone stole your money?
Zdający: If it wasn't a big sum, I wouldn't bother. But if the amount was significant, I'd report this fact to the police. I know that the chances of finding the thief are not high though.
Egzaminujący: Tell me about a situation in which you or someone you know became the victim of a crime.
Zdający: A friend of mine was once robbed at an airport. He was sitting at a table waiting for his plane. He was busy preparing some report on his laptop. His bag was near the leg of the table and the coat was hanging on the back of the chair he was sitting on. It was a crowded place and backs of chairs touched. The person who was sitting behind him stole my friend's wallet and documents from the coat.

Do you have any questions? 
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