Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Learning English idioms is plain sailing... Would you agree?

Let's try: 
  1. to be plain sailing
  2. to let the cat out of the bag
  3. to get out of hand
  4. to be a pain in the neck
  5. to be all ears
Do you know any of these? If yes, great! If not, take a look at their meanings below:
  1. nie być niczym trudnym
  2. wygadać się; wypaplać coś
  3. wymykać się spod kontroli
  4. być nie do zniesienia
  5. zamieniać się w słuch
And now a few examples:
  1. So... would you agree that learning English idioms is plain sailing?
  2. Do you keep secrets easily or do you have a tendency to let the cat out of the bag?
  3. The situation in Ukraine is gradually getting out of hand.
  4. I guess many Ukrainians believe Putin is a pain in the neck.
  5. Do you know what's happening in Ukraine today? I'm all ears.
And finally some HOMEWORK for you!
Please write here your own examples with these idioms! Let's talk!

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