Friday, March 21, 2014

It's the first day of calendar spring! Time to think of getting fit!

Fortunately, a few weeks ago I invested in Horizon Fitness Colima Pro II Exercise Bike and since then I've practiced regularly to lose the kilograms that I intangibly gained during winter.

I'm not going to go on about how great it is to ride a bike like this and how effective it is when you exercise regularly.

I just want to share a few nice phrases to do with exercise and fitness. Take a look!
  1. a bag of bones - chudzielec
  2. clean bill of health - w super kondycji zdrowotnej
  3. vim and vigor - zapał do życia
  4. in the pink of health - w świetnej formie
  5. prime of one's life - w najlepszym okresie życia
  6. right as rain - zdrów jak ryba
  7. look the picture of health - okaz zdrowia
  8. hale and hearty - w świetnej formie
  9. full of beans - pełen życia
  10. cast iron stomach - wytrzymały żołądek

How do you keep fit? Are you as fit as a fiddle?

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