Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Would you like priests to deliver sermons from pulpits?

Do you know the name of a place from which a priest used to preach sermons in church? No? Well, in Polish it's called 'ambona'. Here is the compound:


I don't know how many of you remember those days when you heard a sermon being preached from a church pulpit... I am old enough to remember. My grandmother took me to church every Sunday for a mass and despite the fact I didn't understand much from the preaching then, I do remember that a priest would climb a church pulpit and speak long and emotively so that people would often cry...
I think it was good that priests preached from church pulpits. I can't give you any arguments for this, but I feel it was better than preaching almost straight from the altar.

What is your opinion? 


  1. in my humble opinion, a priest may preach even while dangling from the chendelier as long as he talks sense, gives hope and inspires.

    besides, whenever I see a church pulpit I instantly imagine it collapsing on the people sitting beneath...

  2. thanks Czesuawa... while we're about it... why do you call yourself Czesuawa? is it after your granny or mom?


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