Friday, February 14, 2014

St Valentine's Day - how much holiness is there on the day?

It's St Valentine's day again... The world will celebrate the day again... It's interesting that many people who are not necessarily of christian denomination also celebrate the day, which is in fact devoted to this saint person according to the Martyrologium Hieronymianum and first established as this saint's day by Pope Gelasius I in 496.

I guess those who celebrate St Valentine's Day should bear in mind it's a christian day and so it should be celebrated according to christian beliefs. Hence, my question... How much holiness is there in people's celebrations of the day?

I am not going to answer the question and just make this question a rhetorical one and as food for thought since it's a quite paradoxical thing for me... Would you agree? The paradox is that people who are very far from christianity celebrate this day that has been long recognized in the Roman Catholic Church calendar :)

What is your opinion?

As my sign of love to all of you who are reading this post today :) I have a little quiz on St Valentine's Day. It's a universal set of questions that is often used by teachers of English worldwide. Take a look and try to leave one or two or all questions answered...

  1. What happens to the first man that a woman sees on St Valentine's day (in England)? 
  2. What is the color of love?
  3. Which year was the first recorded St Valentine's Day card sent?
  4. Which animal are we supposed to kiss to change it into a prince?
  5. Does the date of St Valentine's Day change?
  6. Why do many people think doves are romantic?
  7. Which bird symbolizes St Valentine's Day?
  8. What does the word 'valentine' mean in everyday usage?
  9. What happens to a person who is struck by Cupid's arrow?
  10. What do white roses mean in the language of love?
  11. Which part of the body must Cupid's arrows hit to be effective?
  12. What do red roses mean in the language of love?
  13. Who are Shakespeare's famous lovers?
  14. What do those in love send each other on this day?
  15. Where is a person who is quick to show feelings of love said to wear his/her heart?   

Looking forward to your answers!

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