Monday, February 3, 2014

matura ustna: rozmowa wstępna 3 (szkoła)

Zapraszam na serię powtórkową przed maturą ustną 2014 :)

Dzisiaj proponuję przyjrzeć się kilku przykładowym pytaniom z rozmowy wstępnej na maturze ustnej z języka angielskiego. Mam nadzieję, że moje przykłady pomogą Wam ogarnąć przygotowania do egzaminu!

  • Egzaminujący: Tell me what subject you would like to study at the university and why.
  • Zdający: I've always wanted to study Chemistry. Chemistry is everywhere in the world around you. You can find it in the food you eat, in the clothes you wear, in the water you drink... you name it. Chemistry is sometimes called the 'central science' as it interconnects other sciences, for instance physics, biology or geology.
  • Egzaminujący: Is learning foreign languages at school a good idea? Why? Why not?
  • Zdający: Of course it is! Where else could we learn a foreign language so early if not at school? Schools are the best places to start as not everyone can afford to go abroad to learn a language when he or she is 6 years old, which is the time when children start their education in Poland. 
  • Egzaminujący: How do you usually prepare for exams?
  • Zdający: It's a tough question for my scrupulous planning of revision sessions is perfect indeed. However, when it comes to making my plans come true, is a different story. I am not a very systematic person and when I've already made some plans, I often struggle with myself to stick to them. Anyhow, I try to do my best and I am usually prepared before the big day so then I can relax and I know I don't have to panic.

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