Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It's not good to describe anybody as 'ugly' but...

...the English language has an idiom which compares an ugly person to something...

Do you know what it is?

Funny as it may seem, it's a stick (patyk)... Isn't it surprising? Since when have sticks been ugly - this I don't know... but this is what speakers of English are likely to say when they want to talk about someone who is really ugly. Weird but true...

The idiom for today is:


A few examples from the Net:
  • Some might say she was as ugly as a stick. Not me. I don't insult sticks. 
  • ...posting of an apparent "hot" Asian chick modeling next to a sports car, which did not go over very well considering she was as ugly as a stick.
  • We've been lucky so far in that poor Theodora is as ugly as a stick. 
  • I'm stalking you...even if I am as ugly as mud..or is that as ugly as a stick...
  • And your hair was parted down the center, so no matter how beautiful your dress or face were, you still looked as ugly as a stick in a swamp.
  • An arm without bangles is as ugly as a stick of bamboo.
What do we use in Polish to say someone is ugly? The only things that comes to my mind is 'brzydkie kaczątko'...


  1. We often say in Polish "brzydki jak noc" or "brzydki jak sto diabłów" :) But a man doesn't have to be handsom. If he's nicer than a devil, that's enough.

  2. Yes, you're right! We do say 'brzydki jak noc'. I haven't heard the other one though. And I agree with you, luckily, less is required of a man to be considered attractive :)


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