Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Have you ever milked a cow?

Technology here, technology there, technology everywhere... Don't you feel a bit sad that we're living in a world where life without the Internet, all those gadgets, phones, e-solutions and stuff is virtually impossible? I remember when I was a small boy and spend time at my grandmother's in a place called Oględa :)
Source: http://tinyurl.com/pg524k4

She had a farm, and on that farm she had different animals. Can you imagine what my life looked like when there was neither computers, the Internet, nor anything else to do with the so popular today virtual world. I woke up to birds' songs, had breakfast together with other family members and went out to play or do things outdoors. Wonderful! Most of the day I spent alfresco... wandering about the place and occasionally thinking up crazy activities or just helping either my granny or her son Peter :) I saw many times how my granny was milking her cows but once she asked me to try myself... And then... I had to touch - with my own hands what you see in the picture, i.e.


Nowadays, many children would either think it's disgusting, appalling or a totally unattractive activity. Besides, why should anybody do it if milking cows is already automatic. Still, I remember this feeling of being so close to an animal and trying to milk a cow. Since then I have never had a similar opportunity but I do cherish that moment a lot. Now matter how technologically advanced this world is, such simple things as milking a cow can be an unforgettable experience.

To my mind this world is going too fast and it's going so e-lectronic and virtual that we rarely experience such moments as the one mentioned here. Shouldn't we perhaps slow down a bit and look around to appreciate the beauty of the surrounding world?

What do you think? Got a story like this? Share here! I hope I am not the only one who thinks like this or am I? ;)    


  1. A granny milking a cow is surely an enchanting picture, I hope there still are idyllic places where 3 happy cows are grazing and chewing grass lazily; milk is taken and filtered manually through a cloth, then cooled in churns and put in a well; mum making butter, curd cheese.. and the taste of fresh, naturally warm whole milk.. xD

    For those who didn't experienced that in childhood it is impossible to imagine and appreciate the simplicity of such a life.

    Still, there must be sth wrong with THIS cow's udder. it is never flat, even when empty! Besides, but for the picturesque story, the naturalism of the photo wouldn't have evoked so nostalgic memories ;)

  2. ok, I got your point :) what about this new image?

  3. wow! what an impressive biceps!

    and the cow herself must be of best quality, highly productive Dutch breed ;)

  4. AFAIK it's an American cow :) but maybe her ancestors were truly Dutch...

  5. silly me, of course ONLY american cows give hectolitres milk at once and are milked by cheerful little girls held by their smiling mothers wearing earings and make up :)

  6. lol :) maybe it's a propaganda picture encouraging women to get more involved in the business of agriculture and breeding...


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