Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Do you know how to say 'rzepa' in English?

If you do - Congratulations! If you don't - no problem... it's not the most important word in the world, is it? :) Anyhow, we need 'rzepa' for today's idiom so just to prevent you from looking the word up in a dictionary, let me tell you that 'rzepa' is 'turnip'.

Is there any blood in any turnip? The correct answer is 'No' unless you're crazy and have a plastic turnip filled up with blood... :)

In English there is a nice idiom which means you can't get something from a person if that person doesn't have what you want. Pretty logical, isn't it? But there are some irrational situations when you are asked to provide something you don't have.

The idiom I am talking about is


Literally it means 'wycisnąć krew z rzepy'..., which - as we all know - is not possible. So if you ever need to describe a situation like the one I referred to above, don't hesitate to use this idiom! :)

Can you give examples of situations in which you or someone else tried to squeeze blood out of a turnip? I am looking forward to reading your stories!

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