Thursday, January 23, 2014

Which is the most valuable key competence to be successful on the job market?

We all know how much has been said on the global crisis and how it affected various labor markets, including the one in Poland. Some people lost their jobs and some managed to stay employed. Is it because one group demonstrated better quality key competences than others? 

Which of the following key competences do you think is the most important to be able to achieve success on the job market? 

  • Motivation to work (motywacja do pracy)
  • Reliability (rzetelność)
  • Propriety (kultura osobista)
  • Ability to co-operate with others (zdolność współpracy z innymi)
  • Good organization (dobra organizacja)
  • Punctuality (punktualność)
  • Ability to present yourself (zdolność autoprezentacji)
  • Ability to prepare application documents (zdolność przygotowania dokumentów aplikacyjnych)
  • Honesty (uczciwość)
  • Persistence (wytrwałość)
  • Respect towards superiors (szacunek do przełożonych)
  • Responsibility (odpowiedzialność)
  • Mobility (mobilność)
  • Flexibility (elastyczność)
Do you think you have all of the above competences? Which ones don't you have? Which ones do you think are the most important? Why?


  1. I'll pass the buck: What do YOU think? It's a difficult question and I'm sure that the majority of these phrases are equally important.

    1. Well done! To my mind all of these are equally important. However, I'd especially go for the following:

      - motivation to work - because you cannot do anything without motivation

      - reliability and responsibility - this is the only way of building your own respect in your employer's eyes

      That's it. I've chosen only three but I guess these are the toughest ones that guarantee success. Would you agree?


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