Thursday, January 30, 2014

What can you expect from a hog?


Hello on Thursday!

When I was a kid and lived with my Grandmother, I remember Thursdays since these were the so called 'market days' and my granny used to take me there. Anyhow, market days and Thursdays are not the things I want to talk about today :) However, the idiom I want to share with you today may make us think of a market place, especially the one where hogs are sold :)

What are hogs? Well, in American English the word 'hog' refers to 'wieprz, świnia'. I guess in many cultures the word 'hog' or 'pig' or 'swine' evoke rather piggish (świński, brudny, ordynarny, wstrętny, chamski) connotations, am I right? ;)

That's why I would like to pose this question today:

What can you expect from a hog?

And what do you think? I presume, you can't expect much of a hog... only negative things. That's why the word 'hog' or 'pig' are often used to talk about people who behave like we think hogs do.

Therefore, in English you can come across a great idiom, which is:

What can you expect from a hog but a grunt?

This idiom means that you can't expect anything different from a person if it's not in their character! In other words if a person is unrefined, s/he is not likely to behave in a refined way. As simple as this :) A grunt is just 'chrząknięcie, chrumknięcie' - I think it completes the whole picture now :)

What do you think of this idiom? Do you find it useful?


  1. what can you expect from a hog? they usually hog the bathoroom and are capable of hogging down your unatteneded possesions ;)

    btw,the idiom is extremely useful in everyday convos as there are way too many crass people we encounter in our life

  2. thanks for your thought Czesuawa... could you explain the phrase "everyday canvos" please?

  3. oh, please forgive me and my mental (in both meanings of this word) shortcuts. convos is simply an abbreviation of conversations. everyday is just everyday :)

  4. Alright, no problem :) It's always good to learn new things from people :) Have you ever had anything hogged down to later find it out, say, while brushing your teeth? :)


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