Wednesday, January 8, 2014

matura ustna: zadanie 1-4

Witam w Nowym Roku! 

Zapraszam na serię powtórkową przed maturą ustną 2014 :)

W pierwszym rzucie
kilka przykładów Zadania 1 z moimi sugestiami realizacji zadania :) Potem zajmę się kilkoma kolejnymi przykładami realizacji Zadania 2 i na koniec Zadania 3. Mam nadzieję, że moje przykłady pomogą Wam ogarnąć przygotowania do egzaminu!

Source: Pearson Central Europe Sp. z o.o. 2011 Photocopiable

Egzaminujący: Good morning. How can I help you?
Zdający: Doctor, for the last few days I have had high temperature, about 39 degrees. I keep coughing and the front of my head aches terribly. Could you see what's going wrong with me, please?
Egzaminujący: I see. Let's take a look at you... Do you recall the moment when you could possibly started developing this condition?
Zdający: Well, it was New Years Eve and my friends and I went out of our restaurant where we were partying to admire fireworks at midnight.. I guess I didn't take my coat then hoping it would last a few minutes. It turned out the show lasted 15 minutes and I felt cold at the end of the show. This could be the time when I caught something.
Egzaminujący: Indeed. A sudden change of temperatures could have made you vulnerable to some nasty bug. 
Zdający: Oh, poor me... I was about to spend next week abroad hiking in the mountains. I'd been looking forward to this trip so much.
Egzaminujący: Hmm... I am afraid you'll have to stay in bed next week. Your mountains will simply have to wait a bit till you recover since hiking with this condition could make matters much worse.
Zdający: Yes, of course. I'll have to rearrange my plans then. 
Egzaminujący: Unfortunately. Here's a prescription for you. Hope you'll recover soon. Do you have any questions?
Zdający: Yes, how am I to take these medicines?.
Egzaminujący: I've written this on the prescription. Take this first medicine twice a day for week and this second one only once before going to bed for only three days. Do you have somebody to take care of you while you're in bed?
Zdający: Yes, I am living with my Mom so she will make sure to help me recover fast. Thank you very much Doctor. 
Egzaminujący: All the best to you. Get well soon.
Zdający: Thank you, bye..
Egzaminujący: Good bye!

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