Friday, January 3, 2014

matura ustna: zadanie 1-2

Zapraszam na serię powtórkową przed maturą ustną 2014 :)

Dzisiaj drugi przykład Zadania 1 z moją sugestią realizacji zadania :) Mam nadzieję, że moje przykłady pomogą Wam ogarnąć przygotowania do egzaminu!

Source: Pearson Central Europe Sp. z o.o. 2011 Photocopiable

Egzaminujący: Hi Małgosia! So we're supposed to go to the cinema again. It's great! We haven't watched anything exciting lately!
Zdający: Yeah! I watched Syberiada polska (Siberian Exile) last time and it was April last year. Indeed, it's time we went to the cinema to see some good film. 
Egzaminujący: Absolutely! I saw Syberiada polska too. Did you like it?
Zdający: In the beginning I thought it would be boring but then I felt so involved in following the fate of displaced Poles, Ukrainians and Jews who had to struggle for survival in harsh conditions of sulphurous Siberian cold and deadly famine.
Egzaminujący: You're right. It was an emotional movie for me. I liked Staszek the most and how he had to grow up faster and how he had to choose between his love for Zinnia and Luybka.
Zdający: I've seen that Cristiada is on at the cinema. What do you think?
Egzaminujący: Hmm... I thought we could see some less dramatic movie this time. What about some comedy?
Zdający: I don't know. I don't like comedies very much. It's a waste of time for me. Let's go for Cristiada. I've heard this film changes people's lives. 
Egzaminujący: Oh, really? Well, on second thoughts... let's go to see Cristiada. 
Zdający: The film starts at 7.30 in the evening at the Odeon. Does it suit you? 
Egzaminujący: Don't you think it's a bit too late. Can't we see it earlier? 
Zdający: Yes, we can. The film is also shown at 4.30 p.m. Is this hour any better for you? We could have more time to hang around after the film.
Egzaminujący: Fantastic! 4.30 is just perfect for me. So what are we going to do after the film?
Zdający: Anything you wish. I'm open to suggestions. We could spend time in some cafe and go to one of our shopping centers. I could show you a great place with watches. I know you've been looking for one lately.
Egzaminujący: Sounds great to me! So let's meet at 4.15 in front of the cinema. See you then!

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