Thursday, January 16, 2014

matura ustna: rozmowa wstępna 2

Zapraszam na serię powtórkową przed maturą ustną 2014 :)

Dzisiaj drugi rzut przykładowych pytań na rozmowę wstępną wraz z moimi sugestiami odpowiedzi :)

Mam nadzieję, że moje przykłady pomogą Wam ogarnąć przygotowania do egzaminu!

  1. Tell me which country you would like to visit and why?
  2. Zdający: I'd love to visit Mexico. I am trying to learn Spanish now and it's a great country to test your language skills. Besides, I like Mexican people and their culture a lot. I think, with all respect, it's more interesting than Spain
  3. What would be important for you when choosing a hotel?
  4. Zdający: If I were to book a hotel, I'd look at its location to the spot that would be of interest to me. I would also be interested whether it offered non-smoking rooms with breakfast. 
  5. What is important for you when planning a trip? Why?
  6. Zdający: There are a few things I consider important when planning a trip. First of all I need to know everything about the means of transport I'll be using. I need to know all prices, stops, the distance I am to cover and whether there is a nice hotel waiting for me on my arrival. Why? It is just foolish not to plan things ahead. It's always easier to travel when you have enough information, don't you think so?. 

Do you have any questions? 
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  1. to start with, Prompts like this are invaluable:) I prepare some lost souls for the MaturaNightmare but I am scincerly sorry for the poor students who are expected to come up with an instant scenario within a particular context. What I have noticed is that they read the question, breathe in (I can almost see it in their eyes, how much they would like to say) an then they exhale and give up saying 'have no idea how to say it'. my question is: how's that they cram grammar for the half of their lives and then are expected to perform fluent conversation?
    they are SO lost for words
    Polish education is beyond my understanding

    1. Hi Czesuawa! Thank you for your comment; it's much appreciated. Yes, I absolutely agree with you as to the inefficiency of the Polish system of education, especially when it comes to language teaching/learning processes. This is the biggest paradox of our system... the idea of teaching languages is to make people use them in practice, in real life situations, in everyday communication whereas what happens at schools is learning *about* language totally forgetting its practical usage. Thus there are many people who cannot either speak a language or use grammar correctly. Isn't it sad? How to change teachers' mentality, how to reorganize teaching and learning? How to make the Minister of Education become more aware of the need for improving this area of the system? How to make teachers reorganize their way of teaching so that they include more interactive approaches, more individual teaching/learning, more dynamic and stimulating ways, and more acquisition based environment? Hope you'll write here more often and leave your valuable thoughts to encourage other teachers to change their old school's instruction.

    2. I promise, I'll do my best to be more active here :)
      for he last couple of months I've simply soaked into incredibly intense teaching and exploring the proffession of a teacher.
      As to Polish Ministry of Education.. they claim they're improving language teaching, putting communication in the first place. and what? new matura with tamtadaam.. GRAMMAR exercises. i had the pleasure to pracitise the new matura sh(i)eet this morning with my secondary student. I was asleep after the second listening task, not to mention her! I had mercy and we skipped reading(well, i set it as hw, AHAHAHA!).
      the same in middle school. it's all about the exams. students don't really want to learn a language, becuse of the exam oriented teaching. Once, when i wanted to do some listening with a video or some language game (and believe me, my activities are pretty awesome), they scowled and asked 'Is THIS going to be in the final exam?'. where's the enthusiasm? where's the natural curiosity? I felt really sorry for them. what happens in public schools isn't just absurd. it's frightening.
      but I truly love this job, regardless of age and level of students. I just don't believe there is any room for a real language teaching in classroom environment.
      Luckily, parents are becoming more and more affluent and aware of this, and they can afford a tutor for their offspring ;)
      Closing my comment with this positive thought, good night to you all who share my opinion:)

    3. Promise accepted in the face of hundreds of people who visit this blog :)
      Could you tell me in which way your activities are awesome? What do you do? There are many teachers who come here to find ideas... Could you share your experience a bit?
      As for 'natural curiosity' your observation is pretty right. There is very little that's why language teachers should do their best to shake their students' imagination, curiosity, excitement etc. From what you've written I guess you shouldn't have any problems at all :)


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