Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dear Teachers: Get Your Students To Speak English!

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Today I had a terrific day at work! I’ve got a group of three students in a private language school. They study at secondary school but not together in the same class. They are from the same village but from different environments so they don’t keep in touch. To be honest, the main problem with them was the fact that they didn’t want to or just couldn’t interact with each other. I think that they didn’t feel the need to make friendships with new people. They came for classes, did what they had to do and went back home.

But something has changed… Today I decided to change my plans and talk with my students. The topic was: Family & Friendship. We were talking throughout the whole lesson. Seriously, I'd never thought that they could even laugh! One of the students even tried to speak in English, which was new for me since she doesn’t like to talk at all, she’s quiet and nervous, and very afraid of using the language in practice including discussing in front of others.

My reflection is that sometimes it’s worth changing our plans and making the students talk even if they are totally opposed to do so or if they are not sure that they can do it. It opens them not only to other students but also to us, the teachers. Ask them questions which sometimes provoke and which sometimes shock. Compare, drive them into a corner. The results can be incredible and you will not only score your clearly professional goals but also gain a team of students who really love your subject and feel satisfied after each lesson.

Anyway, maybe you have got any priceless hints worth mentioning? Share them with us.

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