Wednesday, January 22, 2014

compounds: roof rafter


Dzisiaj kontynuuję serię wyrazów, które nazywa się compounds

Co to za twory? Są to zestawienia najczęściej dwóch wyrazów, np.: panna młoda. W angielskim tego typu zestawień jest masakrycznie dużo. Warto te zestawienia również poznawać, a niektóre są naprawdę fantastyczne...

Dzisiejsza propozycja, to:


Chodzi o krokiew dachu

My question to you:
What do you call a person who builds roofs?


  1. I call the guy Dad :)
    but srsly, is it simply roofer or slater? Which one is more common?
    also, I must admit the graph You presented is a bit incomplete (if it's a of a roof deached house).
    A roof construction wouldn't last long without trusses (jętki), and if some roof tiles are to be laid, it also has to be battened :)... I suppose :D

    1. Thanks Czesuawa... So you're saying your Dad is a roofer/slater?! Cool! I'd say both words are equally popular. Just take a look at classified ads to see for yourself. As to your technical suggestions, you're absolutely right to say a roof needs trusses and battening. The picture is this simple to clearly show the word in question :) Anyhow, isn't it amazing how many words there are as regards roof and timber joints?

    2. yeah, there are lots of words as regards anything, especially technical stuff :) and i'm just being snippy to show off that i've learnt two new words :D
      anyway, in my humble opinion, it's fun to explore one area or other, as it enriches general, technical and linguistic knowledge (or I'm just a perverted vocabulary freak). you may learn in eng sth you didn't know in pol, like, e.g. powerflushing, gas safety register or even beforementioned truss which has two meanings, of course (showing off, again)
      And it's twice as absorbing for you if you're in the process of having your own home being built; you need to know a thing or two ;)

      besides, you never know when your students are going to ask ''psze pani, a jak jest poziomica?'' or '' a jak powiedzieć pług pięcioskibowy?'' :)
      last but not least, what's amazing for me, is that a roof rafter can trigger such a lovely discussion

    3. thanks Czesuawa... it's cool talking to you... i see you're pretty crazy about English... your comments read really nice... i suppose you've got a flair for producing vibrant texts...


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