Friday, January 10, 2014

compounds: billiards cushion


Dzisiaj otwieram serię wyrazów, które nazywa się compounds

Co to za twory? Są to zestawienia najczęściej dwóch wyrazów, np.: panna młoda. W angielskim tego typu zestawień jest masakrycznie dużo. Warto te zestawienia również poznawać, a niektóre są naprawdę fantastyczne...

Dzisiejsza propozycja, to:


Chodzi o bandy w stole bilardowym, czyli pokryte suknem gumowe odboje; mówiąc prosto gumowe ścianki stołu bilardowego, które amortyzują uderzenie bili i dalej odbijają ją w jakimś kierunku :)

My question to you:
Do you like playing billiards? Why? Why not?


  1. I'm back at uni and I feel a desire to learn new useless vocabulary :) to be honest, is there many situations when you have to use, for example, "billiards cushions"? But when you know it, you feel better, and if you have many opportunities to speak English, then you never know when you will need exactly this word :)

    OK, but I strayed from the topic. Anyway, I found billiards absolutely amazing a couple of years ago but, unfortunately, I don't have a chance to play it nowadays. What a pity!

  2. Useless vocabulary?! Hey! Just open any course that is more advanced than upper-intermediate level and you will see how many 'useless words' you'll see there. Why are they there? Well, the answer is pretty obvious... The more words you know, the more advanced you become regardless of whether you will be able to use them in the nearest future or not. Just think of your mother tongue in which you know so many - often weird - words which you neither use yourself nor you have any opportunity to come across them, but if I asked you whether you could understand a noun like 'zaślepka do gniazdka", you would surely have some idea what it is... It's the same in English. The point is to learn new words, to know more and more each day. The goal here is to be able to be friends with these words so that you are able to recognize them if you ever hear them or see them. Your English mustn't be limited to just 'useful' words unless you really want to stop your linguistic growth at intermediate level. I could go on and on about the importance of acquiring new words but I hope whatever I've written here should be persuasive enough. I'd like to hear from others on this issue.

    BTW Billiards is a game of great skill and, as I've read somewhere, it's for thinkers and doers. Whenever I am at a hotel, which isn't that rare, I love playing billiards for it's such an engrossing game.

  3. Yeah, you are right. And I really share your opinion even if you had a different impression. Anyway, that's why they may be very very useful at my uni (and they are!) but at my work not necessarily. This is the reason why I call them useless, maybe a bit ironically. I'm at the time of my life when I really pray for a better work! And although I didn't like working with more advanced students, I sometimes relly miss it.

  4. Well, it's absolutely true that working with moderately advanced students may inhibit your linguistic growth, which isn't very good for any language teacher, is it? That's why languages teachers should do whatever they can to be, by all means, involved in self-teaching. One of the ways of doing so - and these are the things I do, is running a blog like this, or listening to BBC4, or reading books that interest you in English, or writing elsewhere in English... You can also learn a lot by writing posts like here :) or just to discuss issues like here :) The point is you MUST be in contact with challenging English as often and as regularly as possible! Otherwise you language will become extinct before you know... So... keep commenting here, keep learning 'useless' words, keep writing! :)

  5. be sure, I will :) you know, I really don't like studying. I mean, I could enjoy it but I don't like travelling and living outside my home. This is why it's hard for me to study somewhere else. However, it became a great motivation for me to start talking. And I also talk more during my lessons with student. Amazing :) Btw, you should make a fb account of your blog. I could share your posts. Or, maybe, is there any possibility to do this?

    1. You don't like studying? Are you serious? This is the best time of your life! Just make sure you study right! :) I have really great memories of the time when I was studying, which was a long, long time :) As to fb - I don't want it on principle. There are other nice channels that I value much more, e.g. Twitter :) Join me here:


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