Monday, December 30, 2013

The other day I was asked how to say NIEZGODNY...


The other day I was asked how to say 'niezgodny'... I don't remember what we were talking about when this word popped up and I need to share it with you...
The word is:


Thsi word often appears with two prepositions 'to' or 'from' so you can say that something is discordant to/from something, e.g.:

  • Her whole being is discordant from the ruthless discipline of the steel...
  • ...that practice is discordant from recommendations
  • the fact that it is discordant from the due rule of reason or the law of God
  • ...among women whose identity is discordant from their behavior
  •  the Rannoch Formation of the Brent Group which is discordant to stratigraphy
  • But lawyers contend it is misleading about either it is discordant to UKor European law
  • a form of connection that is discordant to discourses of self-reliance and sustainability

My question to you:
Can you list a few things that are discordant to your beliefs?

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