Monday, November 11, 2013

Poland's National Independence Day!


Hello to everybody visiting my blog on this special day today! It's Poland's Independence Day - a national holiday for all Poles living here and abroad.

In my previous posts I devoted a lot to this special Polish day so today I wish to focus more on the word


and how nicely it collocates in English. Let's take a look!

How can we describe independence with adjectives? These are the adjectives that come to mind when I think of the word independence as it functions in many different contexts:

  • considerable
  • nominal
  • editorial
  • full
  • judicial
  • relative
  • economic
  • complete
  • academic
  • professional
  • great
  • personal
  • national
  • real
  • political
  • total
  • continued
  • hard-won
  • genuine
  • growing
  • local
We can also use the word independence with many verbs, for instance:
  • have
  • seek
  • proclaim
  • gain
  • show
  • lack
  • promote
  • display
  • enjoy
  • demand
  • vote for
  • preserve
  • assert
  • bring about
  • value
  • achieve
  • regain
  • maintain
  • undermine
  • sustain
  • win
  • recognize
  • ensure
  • grant
  • declare
  • give up
  • lose
  • restore
  • retain
  • encourage
There are also a few nice phrases which are worth remembering. Take a look:
  • a war of independence
  • a declaration of independence
  • the loss of independence
  • the struggle for independence
  • a lack of independence
  • a symbol of independence
Now, I have two questions for the visitors to this blog :)

Question 1 - for Poles:
How do you celebrate our Independence Day?

Question 2 - for other nationals:
When do you have your national Independence Day and how do you celebrate it?

Looking forward to your answers impatiently!

Also, listen to our beautiful national anthem:

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