Monday, October 21, 2013

We love Polish road surfaces, don't we?

Whoever has been to Poland by car must have noticed our perfect roads and their excellent surfaces... Today, I want to share a few nice words connected with road surfaces (nawierzchnie dróg).

Of course we do have a nice road network (sieć dróg) in Poland, the question however, is whether the quality of these roads meets the EU standards? I drive a car myself and whenever I have to cover a 'harder' distance, I start wondering why the so called design life (okres eksploatacji) is shorter than in many other EU countries? What's wrong here? Is our Polish traffic volume (natężenie ruchu) too high or is the technology used shabby (nędzny)?

I have many other questions too, to which you may have some answers and help me understand what's wrong with Polish road surfaces?

  • What is the significance of the roadbase (podbudowa zasadnicza) and the subbase (podbudowa pomocnicza)
  • What is the average bearing capacity (nośność) of Polish roads? Is it too low and that's why we have 'butter' like roads in many places?
  • What is the subgrade (podłoże) used while constructing roads?
  • Or perhaps the wearing course (warstwa ścieralna) is ill-made?
  • Why do we have so many roads with potholes (wyboje) and ruts (koleiny)?

I have recently heard that Poland is going to be proud of the total road length (całkowita długość dróg) that is much higher than in the UK, but what about their quality? Is it going to be better too? Is there anything wrong with bituminous mixes (mieszanki bitumiczne) used in Poland is their application just wrong?

There are so many questions I could ask here, but perhaps some of you who know more about road building could enlighten us all on the quality of Polish roads by answering some of the questions posed here.


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