Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Jedziesz do pracy w Anglii? Może tak Cię ktoś wprowadzi...

It's a very happy office so I'm sure you'll ... on with everyone here. I'll ask Margaret to ... you round our modern building later on. Firstly, I'd like you to ... over a few things with you. If you can't hear someone very well on the phone, ask them to ... up. If you can't ... through to my office, connect the caller with Sandra in my room 324 or ... down their number and I'll ... them back. Your first job in the morning is to ... through the mail. You should ... out the private letters from the business ones. This will be your desk. When you're ... in the order forms, make sure you've got the prices right. If you're not sure about product numbers, ... up in the catalog. All of it might be slightly confusing first, but you'll soon ... it up. I'm going to a conference tomorrow, so please ... out the slides which I've listed here. I hope everything is clear, and that you're ... forward to working with us. I'll let Margaret show you the building and then you can ... down to work. Tail up, Michał :)

Poniżej - w chmurze - znajdują się wszystkie czasowniki (niektóre występują więcej niż raz), które możecie spróbować użyć w tym tekście, żeby go w pełni zrozumieć :) Zapraszam. 

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