Friday, October 25, 2013

Can you identify various costs?

How are you today? It's Friday - the coolest of all working days... Don't you think? Today I would like to talk about various cost types. If you run your own business you know exactly what I am talking about. For an average person any money spent is just some cost, but for those who incur different costs identifying them is nothing new. But is do you know how these different costs are identified in English? Let's take a look...

FIXED COSTS - koszty stałe
VARIABLE COSTS - koszty zmienne
MANUFACTURING COSTS - koszty produkcji
SELLING COSTS - koszty sprzedaży
LABOR COSTS - koszty pracy
OPERATING COSTS - koszty operacyjne

And a few other words concerning costs...

COST PRICE - cena zakupu
COST ANALYSIS - analiza kosztów
COST CENTER - ośrodek kosztów
COST OF SALES - koszt własny sprzedaży

What else can you do with costs? Well, you can...

BEAR THE COST OF - ponieść koszt 
COVER THE COST OF - pokryć koszt 
MEET THE COST OF - ponieść koszt 
PAY THE COST OF - ponieść koszt 
INCREASE THE COST OF - podnieść koszt 
PUSH UP THE COST OF - podnieść koszt 
BRING DOWN THE COST OF - obniżyć koszt 
CUT THE COST OF - obciąć koszt 
LOWER THE COST OF - obniżyć koszt 
REDUCE THE COST OF - zredukować koszt
KEEP DOWN THE COST OF - utrzymywać niski koszt
ESTIMATE THE COST OF - oszacować koszt
CALCULATE THE COST OF - skalkulować koszt
WORK OUT THE COST OF - obliczyć koszt
REIMBURSE THE COST OF - zwrócić koszt

What's the highest cost you bear each month?


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