Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The other day I was asked how to say ZDOLNOŚĆ KREDYTOWA

Source: imageworld.pl
The other day I was asked how to say 'zmniejszenie dostepności pożyczek i kredytów'... We were talking about buying and the like... and someone asked for this word...


A few examples from the Net:

  • How Has Credit Crunch Hit You?
  • Many times, a credit crunch is accompanied by a flight to quality by...
  • credit crunch is a worldwide reduction in the amount of money that is available...
  • But the British credit crunch is a slow-burner, and has already shown that...
  • Although that credit crunch is still a relatively recent memory...
  • German firms still seeing no credit crunch on Yahoo! Finance UK
  • UK consumers changing online behavior to cope with credit crunch.

My question to you:
Have you been affected by credit crunch in Poland?

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