Tuesday, September 3, 2013

prepositional phrases: IN

Zapraszam dzisiaj do zapoznania się z kilkoma wyrażeniami z przyimkiem IN... 

Let's take a look:

  1. in a rush
  2. in advance
  3. in agreement
  4. in brief
  5. in captivity
  6. in case of
  7. in charge
  8. in common
  9. in confidence
  10. in danger
  11. in debt
  12. in detail
  13. in disguise
  14. in excistence
  15. in fact
  16. in good shape
  17. in jest
  18. in moderation
  19. in name only
  20. in no time
  21. in particular
  22. in place of
  23. in principle
  24. in progress
  25. in public
  26. in return
  27. in secret
  28. in some parts
  29. in the end
  30. in the habit of
  31. in the heart of
  32. in the name of
  33. in the wild
  34. in vain
Poniżej zamieszczam tłumaczenia:

  1. szybko
  2. z góry
  3. w porozumieniu
  4. w skrócie
  5. w niewoli
  6. w przypadku
  7. odpowiedzialny
  8. wspólnie
  9. w zaufaniu
  10. w niebezpieczeństwie
  11. w długach
  12. w szczegółach
  13. w przebraniu
  14. istniejący
  15. tak naprawdę, faktycznie
  16. w dobrej kondycji
  17. dla śmiechu
  18. w umiarze
  19. tylko z nazwy
  20. błyskawicznie, migiem
  21. w szczególności
  22. zamiast, w miejsce
  23. w zasadzie
  24. w trakcie
  25. publicznie, jawnie
  26. w zamian
  27. w sekrecie
  28. w niektórych częściach
  29. w końcu
  30. przyzwyczajony do
  31. w sercu
  32. w imieniu, w imię
  33. na swobodzie
  34. na próżno

And a few examples:

  1. I don't want to be in a rush when I'm on holidays :)
  2. Sometimes it's good to pay in advance.
  3. We did it in agreement with the binding law.
  4. Did you enjoy your stay in Medjugorje? In brief, YES!
  5. Animals shouldn't be kept in captivity.
  6. In case of emergency call 112.
  7. John is in charge of this department.
  8. Do we have anything in common?
  9. I can tell you in confidence that holidays are about to end soon :(
  10. Are you in danger?
  11. I guess no one like being in debt.
  12. Now, relax and tell me about this incident in detail.
  13. She came to the party in disguise. She looked weird.
  14. The original premises from 1939 are still in existence.
  15. In fact, I don't know what you think about this sentence.
  16. Are you in good shape after holidays or have you put on weight?
  17. Is this bad if a joke is done just in jest?
  18. People should eat in moderation.
  19. She is a boss in name only.
  20. She came in no time. That's why she is so reliable.
  21. We need to go south next summer, to Croatia in particular.
  22. We must create a culture of peace in place of of the culture of violence.
  23. In principle, I like going on holidays that I organize myself.
  24. Is any exam in progress now?
  25. We don't often watch our President in public, do we?
  26. Come to my blog often and in return I will try to teach you some English :)
  27. Why do many people find it difficult to keep confidential information in secret?
  28. There are still mines in some parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  29. In the end, we reached Medjugorje at 3 am, which was a great relief.
  30. Are you in the habit of praying in the morning?
  31. There is a beautiful church in the heart of Medjugorje.
  32. They took possession of it in the name of King James I.
  33. Do you like looking at animals playing in the wild?
  34. I hope that my work here will not be in vain and that you will learn as many phrases as possible.
 Can you make your own sentences with these phrases?

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