Monday, September 23, 2013

prepositional phrases: BY

Zapraszam dzisiaj do zapoznania się z kilkoma wyrażeniami z przyimkiem BY... 

Let's take a look:

  1. by bus / car / plane / coach / train
  2. by accident
  3. by all means
  4. by chance
  5. by coincidence
  6. by degrees
  7. by far
  8. by law
  9. by luck
  10. by means of
  11. by nature
  12. by now
  13. by popular request
  14. by surprise
  15. by virtue of
Poniżej zamieszczam tłumaczenia:
  1. autobusem / samochodem / samolotem / autokarem / pociągiem
  2. przypadkiem
  3. oczywiście, proszę bardzo, owszem
  4. przypadkowo
  5. zbiegiem okoliczności
  6. stopniowo
  7. o wiele, bez porównania, znacznie
  8. regulamionowo, ustawowo
  9. szczęśliwie
  10. za pomocą / przy pomocy
  11. z natury
  12. dotąd, do tej pory, do teraz
  13. na życzenie ogółu
  14. z zaskoczenia
  15. na mocy, na podstawie, z racji, ze względu na

A few examples:
  1. I went to Medjugorje by bus but next year I'm going to go there by car.
  2. I found the long lost key by accident.
  3. "Can take your car?" "By all means." :)
  4. I guess you wouldn't, by any chance, have more money on you...
  5. I met my old friend by coincidence.
  6. Is the Polish economy improving by degrees?
  7. This is by far the best car I have ever had.
  8. This is required by law.
  9. She passed the exam more by luck rather than thanks to her knowledge of the subject.
  10. We have to solve it by means of hiring a professional.
  11. He is so sweet by nature.
  12. They should have already come here by now.
  13. Done by popular request here is me giving you guys a tutorial on how to...
  14. The burglars were taken by surprise.
  15. Mark succeeded by virtue of his contacts rather than his hard work.
Make your own sentence with one of these phrases now :)

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