Saturday, August 17, 2013

Time to start writing regularly again :)

Hi there after a few weeks of holidays!

It's been a crazy but wonderful time for my family and especially myself... First, I participated in an unbelievably marvelous gathering with Fr. John Bashobora from Uganda at the National Stadium in Warsaw. The event attracted sixty thousand people and this was the start of holidays for me...

Source: own photos

Later, I spent wonderful time in Magdalenka near Warsaw, where I took part in a Eucharistic Retreat. This was also a splendid time for me.


Then I had to spend some time in yet another place called Serpelice by the Bug, which is also a very pleasant holiday destination. Unfortunately, I had to be there only for a few hours altogether but that was enough to admire the views and feel the place.


Later, we went to Władysławowo to enjoy our Polish Baltic Sea. 

Source: own photos

My key holiday destination, however, was Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I went there on a coach pilgrimage to take part in what is called Mladifest, i.e. the Youth Festival. It was the greatest spiritual experience I had ever had. Not only was the destination gorgeous but the time of prayer I had there was indescribable. 

Source: own photos

There were some 25 thousand people there at the time from as many as 60 different countries from the whole world! I could also meet many charming people there from such distant countries as Mexico, Peru or Argentina.

But praying was just part of my pilgrimage as I also spent a few days in the lovely town of Gradac, which is the southernmost area of the Makarska riviera in Dalmatia, Croatia. It's an attractive place located just between Split and Dubrovnik.

Thus, along with awesome spiritually rich time I could also enjoy swimming in the amazing, salty Adriatic Sea, I was tasting the Kravica waterfalls and admiring the breathtaking views of the Makarska Riviera...

This is just a very brief account of my holiday experience this year. What is important, though, is that we have already decided to return to both Medjugorje, BiH and Gradac, CRO next year for our holidays but by car. I fell in love with both places and now I do understand why there are people who keep going there every now and then.

Source: own photos

What are your holiday experiences?

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