Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The other day I was asked how to say DOPŁATA DO BILETU

The other day I was asked how to say 'dopłata do biletu'...

In fact, I think I have never experienced such a situation like this... At least, I can't remember.

On second thoughts, when would I have to have a ticket supplement? Does this refer to trains only? No idea... Maybe there is someone out there who could tell us more on when you need a ticket supplement. TIA

My own experience with tickets... 
It's not going to be a story on ticket supplements, but rather connected with tickets and my commuting to school when I was a teenager. 
It was autumn. I used to commute to secondary school and each day covered the distance of 40 kilometers each way. I remember a day when after a whole hard day at school I was to return home by bus again. I was so tired, the day was rainy and once I got on my bus, I immediately fell asleep. I must have been very tired and slept really well because I overslept the bus station I was to get off and woke up some 40 kilometers after that. I was scared and realized I had no money on me to get back. Today, I don't remember exactly how I managed to get back home again. If I am not mistaken, I went to a ticket window at the bus station I eventually got off and asked the woman there to lend me some money to buy a ticket back home. Since it wasn't that big a sum of money, I think she paid it for me... I'd like to thank that woman today here :)

The answer is:


My question to you:
What's your "TICKET" story? Do you remember any nice situation with a ticket in the background?

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