Tuesday, August 20, 2013

similes: How are you almost at the end of summer holidays?

Many people have been to different places and in many cases have probably indulged in eating various things without paying much attention to calories... That's why I'm asking this question today... Have you had lots of ice-cream, grilled stuff, hot dogs, kebabs, pizza... all accompanied by alcoholic drinks? Have you noticed that your before-summer-trousers are too small now?

To be hones, I myself am a bit worried to step onto my scales :) Anyhow, my question seems to be justified. I guess many of us should just start thinking of how to lose those extra kilograms now...

Hence, my phrase... Perhaps, it shouldn't be our goal after summer, but it's still worth considering aiming at a 'near-rake' target...

The simile for today is...


... in Polish: chudy jak grabie, chudy jak szczapa.

A few examples from the Internet:
  • Many models look as thin as a rake these days...
  • She doesn't eat much after the operation and she's as thin as a rake.
  • If she doesn't eat regularly, she will soon become as thin as a rake.
  • Would you like to be as thin as a rake?
My question to you:
What is your advice to lose weight?

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