Monday, August 19, 2013

prepositional phrases: OUT OF

Zapraszam dzisiaj do zapoznania się z kilkoma wyrażeniami z przyimkiem OUT OF... 

Let's take a look:

  1. out of breath
  2. out of control
  3. out of danger
  4. out of date
  5. (get) out of debt
  6. out of fashion
  7. (be) out of practice
  8. out of reach
  9. out of stock
  10. out of the ordinary
  11. out of water
  12. out of time
  13. out of town
  14. out of use
  15. out of work
Poniżej zamieszczam tłumaczenia:
  1. bez tchu
  2. niekontrolowany
  3. z dala od niebezpieczeństwa
  4. niemodny, przestarzały
  5. (wychodzić) z długów
  6. niemodny
  7. (wyjść) z wprawy
  8. poza zasięgiem
  9. wyczerpany, sprzedany
  10. niezwykły
  11. z wody
  12. nie w porę
  13. poza miastem
  14. wycofany z użytku
  15. bez pracy

A few examples:
  1. I was out of breath after running for five minutes!
  2. Things are getting out of control in Egypt.
  3. Do not go to Cairo if you want to be out of danger.
  4. I don't like keeping phone numbers which are out of date.
  5. I keep getting out of debt :)
  6. It's amazing how women know what is out of fashion and what is not.
  7. You have to practice English regularly if you don't want to get out of practice.
  8. Medicines must be kept out of children's reach.
  9. I wanted to buy an MP3 player but they were out of stock...
  10. When you travel a lot, things aren't so much out of the ordinary then.
  11. They dragged him out of water.
  12. She ran out of time and didn't manage to complete the test.
  13. They went out of town.
  14. Is this device out of use?
  15. Many people are out of work these days in Poland.
 Can you make your own sentences with these phrases?

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