Saturday, July 6, 2013

prepositional phrases with OFF

Zapraszam dzisiaj do zapoznania się z kilkoma wyrażeniami z przyimkiem OFF... 

Let's take a look:

  • off the beaten track
  • off duty
  • off the record
  • off the point
  • off the mark 
  • off the bat
Poniżej zamieszczam tłumaczenia:
  • na uboczu
  • po służbie, po robocie, wolny
  • nieoficjalnie
  • nie na temat
  • chybioby, nietrafiony, bezcelowy
  • natychmiast, z tego miejsca

A few examples:
  • I like visiting places that are off the beaten track. They're more exciting!
  • Summer hols have started and I'm off duty now!
  • Off the record, I have to tell you I am changing my job!
  • If you have nothing interesting to say, do you say something off the point?
  • Naturally everyone wants to put their best foot forward and the fear that one might say something off the mark is lurking in each person's mind as the meeting.
  • Do it off the bat before you're guilt-ridden!  
 Can you make your own sentences with these phrases?

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